KB-27620: Data cryptography for logins and passwords.


In Elipse E3, how can use data cryptography for logins and passwords sent by Viewer to E3Server via network?


Data cryptography has two main goals:

  1. to prevent reading stored data, and
  2. to allow transmitting data safely, even in insecure means.

That is: data cryptography is an essential step in order to maintain the data’s confidentiality, integrity, and identity.

There are two possible solutions for data cryptography in Elipse E3’s logins and passwords. Therefore, you must first determine which version of the software is in use: 5.6 or higher, or 5.5 or lower.

So, when using Elipse E3 version 5.6 or higher, you can use a cryptography solution (AES-128) for communication between E3 Server and its clients.

In order to use AES-128 solution, you must access the item REC – Cryptography option at E3 Tweak.

data cryptography for logins and passwords in Elipse E3 version 5.6

However, for previous versions of the software, Elipse E3 does not support data cryptography between the Viewer and E3Server. An alternative is to enable data compression, which makes it harder for any spyware to analyze it.  This can be done in E3Tweak, at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Elipse Software\E3\REC\CompressionLevel.

To enable compression, you can set any value between 1 and 9; 0 will disable the decompression that will implement an algorithm to protect the data.

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