How to add/remove columns from an E3Browser.


How can I add/remove columns from an E3Browser?



E3Browser is an ActiveX control used for visualizing data stores in the database, be they generated by Elipse E3 or other software. With it, you can set up queries with different type of data filter, color-code columns, etc. We employ this object for visualizing Historics, Alarms, or any other table in the database.

There are a few options you can use in order to add and/or remove columns from E3Browser; this article will focus on two of these options, which use features from the E3Query object.

One of this options is to edit the query’s database directly. With this option, then, we leave the query’s SQL string available for any of these operations; therefore, via a script code, we will assemble the structure of the SQL code to be sent to the query, and later executed. The figure below illustrates the configuration for the query and script.

Another possibility is, by creating variables in the query, to keep only the column fields you want to edit later, thus leaving the codes as seen below:

Both options are similar; what they differ is on how they model the code.

To sum up, you can use the link below to download a demo application that illustrates how these features work.

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