Structure Query Language (SQL): Introduction.

The Structure Query Language (SQL), very popular for interacting with DBMSs (Data Base Management Systems), was developed in the 70s and is currently the standard in the database market. This language is used in relational databases, and involves the DB’s definition operations (such as data manipulation). Knowing this language’s intricacies is an important professional asset for people working in programming and database administration.

Even though it is the standard language for databases, the SQL has undergone a few specific changes, and depending in the database it can present distinct resources. The DBMSs are programs used to manage the stored data. Among them are Microsoft’s  SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access, a desktop database that can be employed in smaller applications.

In the related articles below, we will demonstrate a few SQL procedures and tips for the SQL Server database. We will also discuss specific topics regarding Elipse E3 and the databases with which it has native connection (SQL Server, Oracle, and Access).

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