Changing Elipse Power's powercontrols.lib interface behavior via MenuType property.


The MenuType property of powercontrols.lib library is a new feature that was introduced with Elipse Power version 5.0. It allows the operator to change the powercontrols.lib interface behavior when the user clicks the library’s screen objects. This property presents five different values; they are:

  • 0: FullPowerMenu
  • 1: Modal screen
  • 2: PowerExplorer
  • 3: PowerExplorerMenu
  • 4: Custom

To begin with, this article will show you how to access this property to change the powercontrols.lib interface behavior; we will also see the expected result from each of the available options.

Accessing MenuType property

Firstly, you will need to access the MenuType property. To do so, there are two possibilities.

The first option is: you can access it via the screen objects of powercontrols.lib library instanced on the screen. In this case, each screen object may have its individual interface.


The second option is: you can access this property directly from the library’s XControl definitions. Thus, the interface you have selected will be applied to all the instanced objects of the same class (for example: switchers, breakers, etc).

Available values for MenuType property

The  MenuType property will return one of the five values below.


This option opens Measurements, Commands and Interlocks at  theXPowerMenu. Until recently, this was the default behavior of powercontrols.lib library (previous versions).

1-Modal screen

This option opens the modal screen set up at ModalScreenName property, and it passes the object’s PathName as argument.

Here, the library automatically passes the PathName of the selected object as the opening argument of the modal screen set up at ModalScreenName property.

After that, the application can receive this argument at the modal screen’s OnPreShow event, and then use it to implement a customized screen for sending events.


This option opens the PowerExplorer screen directly. In this case, the inital screen will open according to the type of object in use (switches and breakers open on Commands tab, the other on Measurements tab).

This has been the library’s default option since Elipse Power version 5.0 was released; consequently, if unchecked, the current behavior of the library’s interface will not change.

3-Simplified Menu

This option displays only two options at the XPowerMenu: Measurements and Commands. As a result, both will open the PowerExplorer window on their respective tabs.


This option leaves a blank space at the library’s XPowerMenuCreator. In this case, the developer can add their customized script for the application.

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