Upgrading your license via Elipse License Manager.

This article describes how to upgrade your hardkey/softkey license. To do so, the first thing you’ll need is the latest version of Elipse License Manager (eLic), an application that can be downloaded from Elipse Software’s website.

This application’s goal is to manage events and notify about them from any Elipse licenses, be they local or on the network. Licenses can be upgraded either automatically or manually.

Automatic Mode

To do so, your machine must be connected to the internet (server licman.elipse.com.br port 80). The license is checked automatically once a day, at a time that can be edited via Settings:


The available upgrades can be checked at any time via Check Upgrade:

Manual Mode

To do so, you must first collect the license code and send it to Elipse Software, and then upgrade it.

Collecting the license code:

Execute the Elipse License Manager (eLic) in the computer where the license is installed or in a computer on the network that can access the license (permissions). To do so, follow these procedures:

1. Select the license to be upgraded
2. Click Save State

3. Save the *.ELR file (this file is the current license’s memory, generated by eLic)

4. Send the file to Elipse Software.

Upgrading the license

1. Select the license to be upgraded
2. Click Open Upgrade

3. Select the *.ELU file sent by Elipse Software and click Open

4. Click Apply Upgrade. To upgrade it immediately, click Yes; to postpone the upgrade, click No.

If you have any questions about the procedures described in this article, please contact Elipse Software.

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