Setting up an encryption option at REC protocol.

This article shows how to use AES-128 encryption option at REC protocol for the communication between E3 Server and its clients.

Starting with Elipse E3‘s version 5.6, you can now use an encryption option (AES-128) for the communication between E3 Server and its clients, and to so so, you must set it up at REC protocol.

Communication with E3 Server can be encrypted with AES-128 (that is, 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard). You can control this with REC – Encryption option at E3 Tweak. The possible values for this item are the following:

  • 0 (zero): Encryption off. This is the default value when the registry key is inexistent; it keeps the standard behavior that was in place up until version 5.5.
  • 1 (one): Encryption on. This value enables encryption when supported by the client, while allowing old clients to connect with no encryption.
  • 2 (two): Mandatory encryption. This value keeps clients with version 5.5 or lower from connecting, because they don’t support encryption.

Any value different from the above (0, 1 or 2) input in this field will enable option 0 (zero), that is, it will turn encryption off.

The column Encryption was added to E3Admin’s communication statistics window; this column indicates whether encryption is applied to the communication.

For further information on AES-128, check the article Use AES-128 dynamic encryption and the key delivery service from Microsoft’s official documentation.

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