Referencing external pathfiles in Elipse E3.


When working with external image files, Access databases, or drivers (.dll), these objects’ functionalities can be missing when the application is moved to a new machine or when their folders are renamed. Why does it happen?


This happens because the paths pointing to files outside E3 need the files’ current paths. To fix this, use referenced/relative paths with these objects, or insert objects as resources.

An Elipse E3 application’s default path is the same one as the domain’s (.dom); when files are developed or placed on this file, just point to their names or subfolders (if they exist).


An application is developed at “F:\Elipse E3\Applications\Gabriel\” folder; this is also where the domain file is. To use RelGraf.jpg image from Images subfolder, at “F:\Elipse E3\Applications\Gabriel\Images\RelGraf.jpg”, you can shorten its path as “Images\RelGraf.jpg” at the object’s Filename property.


NOTE: The same concept applies to the database’s SourceDatabase property (.mdb) and the driver’s DriverLocation property (.dll).

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