Persisting alarms summary in Elipse E3.

From Elipse E3 version 5.5 on, a new feature has been added to persist alarms summary in E3 Server.

To access this item, follow these procedures:

  1. Firstly, right-click the E3 Admin icon on Windows notification area.
  2. Then, select the option DomainOptions and click Properties tab.
  3. The following window then opens up.

The Alarms group in Elipse E3 contains the option Persist alarms summary. This option allows saving the alarms summary; it thus avoids duplicated alarm notifications when opening or closing a Domain. “Disabled” is the default value in this option. To enable it, check Enabled at Enabled option; then, write a time interval, in minutes, at Time interval option. The default value for this option is 1 (one) minute. Persisted alarms are loaded whenever the Domain opens, and are saved either at the specific time set up at Time interval or whenever the Domain closes. Alarms persistency doesn’t take place when the Domain stops or runs, because the alarms summary remains in memory.


  • In case of servers on Hot-Standby mode, both servers persist the alarms.
  • Only alarms visible on the summary persist.
  • When disabling this option, previously persisted alarms are deleted, in order to avoid old information when re-enabling it.
  • The summary persists in a binary file, called “alarmsummary.e3sum“, which goes to the domain folder.
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