New Publishing Interval field added to Interface E3.

The new Publishing Interval field was added to the Interface E3 at EPM (Elipse Plant Manager) in version 3.16.116. With Interface E3, you can establish communication with Elipse E3/Power via an Elipse Software’s proprietary protocol.

This new parameter sets up the time during which the values collected by the communication interface will be sent in real time to EPM Server. It has a direct impact on the values monitored in real time via trend charts or in the Expression Variables; and these, on their turn, will also use real-time values in their processing. Historics, however, will continue to receive each and every change taking place in the system.

On previous versions, this update rate was a fixed value of 100 milliseconds. But this could worsen the performance of applications with large amounts of tags with real-time updates; applications with too many variations per second also suffered loss of performance.

The new Publishing Interval parameter is then a solution for scenarios where Interface E3 displays a large number of tags; it is also the option for the ones where there is a huge volume of data transmission in real time.

Sometimes, a specific group of tags will need an update rate that is different from the others. In these cases, you will only need to create a new Interface E3 in the same Interface Server and set it up with the desired Publishing Interval. Then, you must add this specific group to the new E3 Interface.



After the Interface Server updates, all respective Interface E3 will automatically send real-time updates every 10 seconds; this happens because they will be using the new Publishing Interval property, whose default value is 10 seconds.

Therefore, in order to change this parameter, you will have to update EPM Studio and configure the values in the graphic interface manually. It’s also possible to revert to the original value of 100 milliseconds in applications that didn’t feel the effect of these settings.

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