Limitations for Elipse Power’s Demo version.


What are the limitations for Elipse Power’s Demo version?


You can run Elipse Power without a license, on Demonstration (Demo) mode, which is useful for software evaluation purposes. The demo mode presents the following constraints:

  • Saves projects with up to 20 I/O tags.
  • Can’t work with servers in Hot-Standby.
  • Can’t work with Remote Domains.
  • Works only with a level-0 (zero) I/O driver, with countless tags. Drivers with higher levels (>0) are not allowed.
  • Can’t access the Domain settings (Domain–Option from E3Admin’s icon on Windows notification area).
  • Displays only the first image in each Symbol Gallery.
  • Opens only one Viewer or WebViewer.
  • Runs a Domain for no longer than two hours.
  • Records no more than 20 I/O tags in a Storage object.
  • Allows access as an OPC Server.
  • Allows running data playback from up to six hours prior to the server’s current time, with unlimited tags and all playback features enabled.
  • Can’t use Elipse Power Studio’s import/export tool.
  • Can use up to 100 measurements.
  • Can use electrical templates with up to 20 input points from Power Flow module.
  • Can use electrical templates with up to five breakers from Load Discharge module.
  • Can use up to two substations.
  • Can use up to four feeders.
  • Can save electrical templates (.XPD files) with up to 20 devices.

These limitations can also be seen by right-clicking E3Admin and accessing Licenses option.

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