KB-89210: Alternating the Viewer between Full and Only modes at runtime.


Can the Viewer alternate between Full and Only modes at runtime?


Yes. To do so, you can use a script with the ExecuteExternalApp method to open the new Viewer (according to a pre-established condition) and close the current one, as seen in the application attached to this article.

In order to access Elipse E3 on Read Only mode, keep in mind that at least one of these conditions must be true for the user:

  • License Viewer Only in use; and/or
  • User logged in with no permissions for Access to write in the server option.

Please note that if no user is logged to the Viewer (anonymous user), access restriction is only applied when at least one of the user is restricted.

NOTE: In the demo application, check if the Viewer’s corresponding path is recorded properly in the buttons’ script.



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