KB-112446: Automatic Pen with sources from multiple historians.


When using an Automatic Pen, what is the procedure if the attributed Tag’s data spreads across multiple Historians, that is, if the pen comes from multiple sources? From which of these comes the data chosen to be shown in E3Chart?


From version 5.0 of Elipse E3/Power on, the new concept of Automatic Pens has been featured at E3Chart.
Up until the software’s previous version, there were only three types of pens available at E3Chart: Real Time, Historic, and Real Time & Historic (hybrid). These pens referred only to the data type that they transmit.
But from version 5.0 on, you’ll be able to add one or more Automatic Pens to your project. An Automatic Pen can come from multiple sources. To set up a pen as Automatic, you’ll only need to input the vertical axis’s link, that is, the real-time portion of the pen. Therefore, you won’t need to create or set up a Query for it. Both real-time data and historic data will return automatically on demand by the server, according to the time period established on the horizontal axis.
In order to check for intervals, you must:
  • edit E3Chart’s HorizontalAxis’s  ScaleType property to 2, and
  • input the initial  (HorScaleBegin) and final (HorScaleEnd) dates.
If the Tag attributed to the pen is stored in more than one Historic or Storage, what establishes whether it will be displayed is the historians’ activation order in the Domain; that is, the first activated (initialized) historian will work as the data source for the Automatic Pen.

If necessary, you can change the activation order of objects in the domain. To do so, check out the article BB-27556: Changing the objects’ activation order.

Watch the video related to this article (in Portuguese) at our YouTube channel. 


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