KB-104004: Closing a remote Viewer via command.


Can I close a remote Viewer via command, that is, without having to access the computer where it’s open?



Yes, you can. The E3 Viewer is Elipse E3‘s operational interface. The Viewer object is where you will set up the E3 Viewer’s visualization, either in loco or remotely. A remote Viewer is the one being operated in a different machine, that is, not the one where it has been originaly opened.

In order to close a remote Viewer via command, you will need to use the Viewer’s Exit() method in a user event. This event is activated either via a command sent by the user or via another type of programming logic.

To do so, follow the example below:

  1. Create two internal tags (one whose Value property is a Boolean, another one as a string) in the server. For example: AutoClose(Boolean) and ViewerName(String).
  2. Then, create a setpoint on the screen, and link it (with a bidirectional/reverse link) to ViewerName tag.
  3. On the same screen, create a command button that sends True to AutoClose tag.
  4. At the Viewer, create a user event (eventClose) that points to the server’s AutoClose tag Value property, whose occurrence is “Whenever the property is True”.
  5. After that, in the event above, create a script that compares ViewerName tag Value property to the name of the computer from where you wish to close the Viewer; use E3Globals’s  GetComputerName() method to retrieve the name of the machine. If they are the same, execute the Viewer Exit method. For example:
Sub Viewer_eventClose()

IF Application.GetObject("Data.ViewerName").Value = GetComputerName() THEN

Application.GetObject("Data.AutoClose").Value = False

End Sub



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