Elipse E3/Power x64.

Regarding x64 version, we recommend three 32-bit (or x86) or 64-bit (x64) Studio/Viewer/Server combos:

  • 32-bit Studio, Viewer, and Server: the only existing before v4.6. You can keep using this combo on most applications.
  • 32-bit Studio and Viewer, 64-bit Server: for cases where the application consumes too much memory at run time.
  • 64-bit Studio and Server: allows you to edit and run really large applications.

64-bit processes limitations:

  • Server x64: *doesn’t print reports (the reports component is an ActiveX that is only available in 32 bits).
  • Studio x64: doesn’t edit reports. The MS-Forms are only available in machines with Office x64 installed (Microsoft doesn’t issue MS-Forms x64 licenses with other software packs).

Server x64 comprises several processes; some run in 64 bits, others in 32 bits. The processes running in 64 bits in x64 version are:

  • E3Admin
  • E3PowerEngine
  • E3Run
  • E3Server

Processes that run only in 32 bits, even in x64 version:

  • E3DBEngine: the database is always accessed in 32 bits. If you’re using Oracle, install Client Oracle 32 bits.
  • E3OpcClient
  • E3UaClient
  • IOServer: all Elipse Software’s driver are 32-bit drivers (the same driver DLL can be used in both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Elipse E3)

* KB-68754: Using reports with Elipse E3 version x64.

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