Communication between Elipse E3 and Elipse SCADA via RemoteApp driver.


In addition to communication via OPC, another type of communication provided by Elipse Software is via Elipse SCADA Remote Access driver.

Also called RemoteApp Driver, it enables communication with Elipse SCADA via Remote Applications protocol. To do so, the Elipse SCADA application must have the TCP/IP network driver installed and set up, with an available connection.


At Elipse SCADA:

1. Open the Organizer, select Drivers, and then click New. Select tcpip32.dll file from Drivers folder in Elipse SCADA’s installation.

2. Click Set up to open the driver’s properties window. Click it again to edit the number of IP ports where the driver will receive the connections and the maximum amount of supported connections.

3. Save the changes and run the application, which should be ready to receive the connections of RemoteApp driver.

At RemoteApp driver (Elipse E3):

1. Insert RemoteApp driver in an E3 application and open its settings window.

2. On Setup tab, select Ethernet from Physical Layer option; this will cause the driver to communicate via Ethernet.

3. On Ethernet tab, select TCP/IP from Transport option, set up the IP of the computer where Elipse SCADA is at IP field and the port used by the TCP/IP network driver at Port field.

At the tags (Elipse E3):

Tags are set up via their ParamDevice and ParamItem properties.

You can also use the Tag Browser window, which connects directly to Elipse SCADA and shows the tags available in the application at Tags and RemoteApplications items.

Although the Tag Browser shows only the Tags and RemoteApplications folders, you can access any of the application’s object or property via the object’s path and name. For example, to retrieve the number of active alarms in the application, type Application.activeAlarms at ParamItem property.

Similarly to what happens with Elipse SCADA, you don’t have to inform a tag’s complete path to find it. If a tag has a unique name in the application, that is, if no other object has the same name, you can simply inform its name. For example, if there is only one Tag001 object in the application, you can access it via Application.Tags.Tag001, Tags.Tag001, or Tag001.


  • RemoteApp driver does not support block tags, only I/O tags.
  • Elipse SCADA’s remote applications protocol does not support any synchronous read. Therefore, you must set up this driver in E3 as WriteFeedbackMode = 2 (wmTrustWriteSuccess).


NOTE: Attached to this article are a demo client application developed with Elipse E3 version 4.6 build 157 and a demo server application developed with Elipse SCADA version 2.29 build 141.


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