Common issues faced by Modicon Modbus Master driver (ASC/RTU/TCP).

The Modbus protocol is an open standard protocol. This means that it has no licensing fees, which represents a considerable financial advantage for your project; because of this, a large variety of devices available in the market are able to support it. In this particular case, the Modicon Modbus Master driver (ASC/RTU/TCP) is responsible for allowing these devices to communicate with all the Elipse Software’s products.

Due to its popularity, you will be able to notice that there are some common issues that will occasionally be faced by this driver. This article, though not exhaustive at all, is an introduction to this subject: at the end, you will find a compilation of some of the more frequent problems that can take place when employing the Modicon Modbus Master driver (ASC/RTU/TCP) to communicate with Elipse products. We list these these issues separately, each in its own corresponding article; finally, we present the possible solutions for fixing them.

The cases presented in the following articles are based on real situations that took place when operating the Modicon Modbus Master driver (ASC/RTU/TCP), and were solved by our Technical Support team; these cases are related here individually, one article per each issue, alongside its proposed solution. In order to access these articles, just click the links below, under Related articles.

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The articles below all refer to common issues faced by the Modbus driver:

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