Command at Scheduling library is not executed.

Sometimes, a command in an Elipse E3 library is not executed. Here are a few hypothesis of why this happens:

  1. Failure at sending command;
  2. Communication failure with the controller; or
  3. Issues with interlock settings, according to the registry of objects modeling performed with PlantModel library.

One way of retrieving information about non-executed commands is via E3 logs; to do so, you will have to search for a message similar to the one below, which took place near the time of command execution.

EVENT: Command Scheduling (ACTIVATE - ResultCommand: 3 - COMMAND NOT EXECUTED - Interlocked - Value: 1 - Path: PlantStructure.BuildingA.Floor01.Lighting.Commands.Lamp01_01 - Name: agLamp01 - UseDirectBitWrite: False - DirectBit: 0)

Therefore, this information provides us with some data:

  1. The value of result command (ResultCommand: 3). It will follow the standard of PlantModel library to inform whether the command was executed (COMMAND NOT EXECUTED).
  2. Why command execution did not take place; in this example, it’s because it was interlocked (Interlocked).
  3. The path of the object used for the command (Path: PlantStructure.BuildingA.Floor01.Lighting.Commands.Lamp01_01).
  4. The name of the schedule that attempted this command  (Name: agLamp01).
  5. Lastly, whether it employed bit write (UseDirectBitWrite: False), and in which bit did it happen  (DirectBit: 0).

Based on this information, you can understand why it happened, and then perform all the necessary settings. For further questions on how to configure objects in PlantModel library, we recommend consulting its manual.

If the problem persists, please contact our tech support (

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