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Spotting and reprogramming a cloned softkey.

This article illustrates how to reprogram a softkey that has been cloned. Softkeys can be cloned when the machine's settings (Virtual MAC Address, UUID, PCU settings, NICs, etc.) are edited. To recover this softkey, you must first establish and understand why it has been cloned to avoid this from happening again.

Usually, this happens because the softkey has been installed in a virtual machine running in an environment with several hosts, where the VM is passed from one host to another dynamically (e.g.: VMware vCenter Server). This environment requires that CPU Masking be turned on, because this will guarantee the softkey will see all hosts with the same hardware configuration, thus avoiding cloning detection when the VM migrates to another host.

To confirm the softkey status, access this address:

After you have spotted the cloning, the softkey must undergo the following procedures: Recovery, Activation, and Reprogramming.


To recover the softkey, you will need to save its memory and send it to Elipse Software. There are two possibilities: via HKCustumer or via Elipse License Manager (eLic).

a) via HKCustomer: follow items 3 to 5 at Generating/activating softkeys for servers with no internet connection. NOTE: this option requires direct access to the server's console.

b) via eLic: to generate the read file, go to Protection Devices tab at the main page, choose the device to be updated, and click Save Status. Save the file generated (.elr extension) and send it attached to Elipse Software.

Our team will generate a recovery/formatting file (.v2c extension) to be applied to the following address (Apply File option): http://localhost:1947/_int_/checkin.html 

After applying this file, you will need to save the softkey's memory again and re-send it to Elipse Software.


To activate the softkey, our team will re-send you a file with .v2c extension to be applied to the following address: http://localhost:1947/_int_/checkin.html.


To reprogram the softkey, you will need to save its memory and send it to Elipse Software. The products will be applied to the license, and the reprogramming can then proceed.

To reprogram the license, follow the items 3 and 4 at Upgrading the hardkey, or Upgrading your license via Elipse License Manager.

NOTE: reverting a cloned softkey is a costly, time-consuming operation; therefore, contact Elipse Software as soon as possible if this happens to your softkey.

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