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Communicating with Siemens LOGO! 8.

This article illustrates how to establish communication between Elipse E3 and Siemens's LOGO! 8 PLC. To do so, we'll use Siemens M-Prot driver for communicating via Ethernet, and also the vendor's software, LOGO Comfort, to develop the structure to be accessed by the driver.

Device's addressing:

Digital input (I): 8 bytes, starting at DB1:DBB1024
Digital output (Q): 32 bytes, starting at DB1:DBB1064
Analog input (AI): 8 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1032
Analog output (AQ): 32 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1072
Digital flag (M): 14 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1104
Analog flag (AM): 128 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1118
Network input (NI): 16 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1246
Network analog Input (NAI): 128 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1262
Network output (NQ): 16 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1390
Network analog output (NAQ): 64 bytes, starting at DB1:DBW1406

Structure developed at Logo Comfort
*Demo attached CircuitDiagram1.lsc

Siemens M-Prot driver settings:

After compiling and recording the program in the PLC, we'll set up the supervisory. Add the M-Prot driver to the project and fill in the following settings:

M-Prot tab:  

    Network: ISOTCP
    Use Dest. TSAP: active
    Dest. TSAP (hex): 002 (or any value between the range accepted by the PLC)

Setup tab:
    Physical Layer: Ethernet

Ethernet tab:
    Main IP: device's IP
    Port: port used for communication purposes

Tags parameterization:

Settings with Syntactic Parameters (Item) and settings with Numerical Parameters (N/B):

NOTE: To check the information on Datatype and Area as seen below, please refer to Siemens M-Prot driver's manual (Tag Reference tab).

When configuring the device with Syntactic Parameters, add the network device address to the driver's Device field. At Item device, follow the syntax below for a DB-type area:


For example, for a Word added to a DB at 1032 address:

Device = 0
Item = DB1:DBW1032

When configuring with Numerical Parameters (N/B):

N1/B1 = PLC address
N2/B2 = DataType × 100 + Area
N3/B3 = 0
N4/B4 = are address

For example, a Word added to a DB at 1032 address would be:

N1/B1 = 0
N2/B2 = 309
N3/B3 = 0
N4/B4 = 1032

Attached demo application:

Device used for testing purposes:


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