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KB-42306: Running ExecuteExternalApp method in a server’s script.


How can I run the ExecuteExternalApp method in a server's script?


To do so, you can use the script below, which will perform the same task:

Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
shell.Run "C:\arquivo.txt"
Set shell = Nothing

NOTE: There are certain restrictions to using Shell object in Win XP, since in Windows Vista and higher versions the services running in the SYSTEM account (such as E3Run) can no longer show windows; that is, they can no longer "interact with the desktop". In this case, the alternative is to add the scripts running programs with windows only in Viewer events, via ExecuteExternalApp method, or via Run Application pick. To do so, the folder holding the file must be shared on the network in order to be accessed from different client viewers/machines.

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