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Basic VBScript for Elipse E3: Lesson 1 - Message Box

A Message Box displays a dialog box and expects the user to click on a button, returning an indicator value from the clicked button.

Figure 1

The syntax is the following:

MsgBox(Message, Buttons, Title)

Message: Text that is going to be displayed on the dialog box
Buttons: See table below
Title: Message Box title

 vbOKOnly  0 Displays the OK button
 vbOKCancel  1 Displays OK and Cancel buttons
 vbAbortRetryIgnore  2 Displays Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons
 vbYesNoCancel  3 Displays Yes, No, and Cancel buttons
 vbYesNo  4 Displays  Yes and No buttons
 vbRetryCancel  5 Displays  Retry  and Cancel buttons
 VbCritical  16 Displays Critical icon
 vbQuestion  32 Displays Question icon
 vbExclamation  48 Displays Exclamation icon
 vbInformation  64 Displays Information icon
 vbDefaultButton1  0 Sets 1st  button as default
 vbDefaultButton2  256  Sets 2nd button as default
 vbDefaultButton3  512  Sets 3rd button as default
 vbDefaultButton4  768  Sets 4th button as default
 vbApplicationModal  0 Modal Application. The user must respond to the Message Box before continuing working in the application.
 vbSystemModal  4096  Modal System. All applications are suspended until the user responds to the Message Box. 

The MsgBox function returns the following values:

 vbOK  1 OK
 vbCancel  2 Cancel
 vbAbort  3 Abort
 vbRetry  4 Retry
 vbIgnore  5 Ignore
 vbYes  6 Yes
 vbNo  7 No

For the example in Figure 1, we wrote the following code line:

MsgBox "Message Text", vbAbortRetryIgnore + vbCritical, "Message title"

If you wish to keep the user's answer, the function parameters must be between parentheses:

resp = MsgBox("Message text", vbAbortRetryIgnore + vbCritical, "Message title")
MsgBox "The user answered" & resp


1. Write the code for the following dialog boxes:

Figure 2

Figura 3

2. Write the code for the following dialog boxes and display on a second message the user's answer.

Figure 4

Figure 5

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